April 27, 2020: There's this one signal I'm very interested in tracking down and recording for myself. According to its SigidWiki page, this is an unidentified signal that is active for all 24 hours of the day. To me, it reminds me of those AOL dial-up sounds, and it sounds very interesting. I'd love to be able to catch this and document it, however I have trouble finding an online SDR that's capable of getting to it. First off, it comes from Sevilla, Spain, and I'm not sure if it's worldwide. Second of all, it appears all the way up at 418 MHz, whereas most of the ones I find only go up to 30 MHz. So, what are the odds that I'll find an SDR near Sevilla that goes that high? I'm not sure how I'll be able to do it, however I'll definitely update both this page and the documentation page when I do.